Franchise  RoaInmobiliaria

...has the most affordable complete solution for managing real estate offers.

RoaInmobiliaria is a real estate advertising web platform (website).

Using the latest technology, we offer the most accessible advertising on the market.

RoaInmobiliariaCRM is a real estate management application.

The application is related to the roaInmobiliaria site and is it dedicated both to real estate companies and professional groups as well as to independent real estate agents.


- The RoaInmobiliaria application works as a virtual real estate agency where you or your business has its own office.

- Access to the site and application from anywhere using any type of smart device - the activity is exclusively online.

- Our collaboration strategy with end users is based on simplicity.

- We use the best solutions to generate profit.

- We are looking for the concrete results and we propose safe partnerships.

What can you do with the RoaInmobiliaria web application?

1. You can manage all your real estate properties from your unlimited portfolio - your own database will contain all the information about yours portfolio property.

2. You can manage your advertising bids - you can choose which offers to be advertised at any time and whether they should be published with priority or to occupy the first place on the site.

3. You can manage your potential customers by keeping at your hand their contact details and visiting data.

4. You will have your own bidding site where will be exclusively published you offers.

5. The bids will be automatically updated once they will be activated from your own portfolio.

6. You will receive an email notification whenever a potential customer is interested in your offers.

7. You can print your offers for a presentation to your customers.

8. You are permanently online on the internet through different search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. - we index all offers through SEO.

9. You can work with other professionals to find new potential customers; you can also make your own team of professionals, each with their own portfolio.

10. You can have costs accordingly to your plans and budget.

With our advertising ways, you can adjust your bids for one month at no additional cost.

This means that if one or more offers are completed, during the same month, you can activate the same number of new offers with no additional cost.

11. There are different advertising packages for several levels of portfolio:

Demo package - helps you get to know the site and the CRM application

The Junior Package - contains all the tools you need to start working without worries.

The Professional Package - for those who already have experience in real estate.

Franchise RoaInmobiliaria - package for professional groups*.

*You only pay the franchise fee (license) without any other monthly or yearly costs.

12. Payment is made online via VISA or MasterCard.

13. 24/7 technical support - for any questions you can find on site all the information you need.

Should you need more details, the technical team will respond to your email in real time.

14. We are concerned about the future of our collaborators.

We are working on integrating bids from the RoaInmobiliaria website into other similar sites.

We are working on integrating the offers from other sites into the RoaInmobiliaria site.

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